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An update on the investigation of Pierre and Marie’s murders and the four suspects in custody is in the The Tennessean today. Read it here.



  1. Oooh mein Gott, es ist so erschütternd, diese Einzelheiten zu lesen und diese vier Gesichter zu sehen. Wenn es eine Gerechtigkeit hier auf Erden gibt, so sollen diese vier sie in aller Härte zu spüren bekommen. Und zwar zu Lebzeiten im Gefängnis. Für immer. Es ist alles so sinnlos.

  2. I was so upset when I read about this in the paper a few weeks ago. I am sorry to hear that Marie has passed on. I pray that Marie and Pierre’s family and friends find comfort in each other during this difficult time. I hope justice will be served from this awful tragedy.

  3. This is such a terrible tragedy. Pierre was such an amazing professor and human. I am just in total disbelief. His memory will live on in every student and colleague he influenced–and I am certainly one of those students. I will miss you, Pierre.

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