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Filmmaker Michael Tauchert has shared his videos of Pierre on this Web site:



  1. unfassbar..mein tiefstes beileid…

  2. it is with sorrow that I learn about the loss of pierre Marie Colas, whom I didn’t know personally, but whose work I respect, for bringing back to mankind’s memory the richness of maya past, which is one of my dedications too. I think personally that violence and lethal weapons should be banned. I think too that past maya history teaches us to what ends even a codified violence can lead civilization to. velem

  3. We were notified of this a couple of days ago and at this point we still cannot believe this has just happened.

    It makes no sense to see something like this happening to kind people like Pierre and Marie. Our condolences to Hans Peter and John Phillipe: we whish you strength to overcome this and to make sense out of the sudden and tragic departure of your two loved ones.

    Robbie and Marie were cheerful toddlers as they grew up in Mexico; they were bright students in Europe, loving and caring son and daughter; they were brother, sister and good friends who touched the lives of so many of us.

    We are deeply hurt and share with you the sorrow.

    Sonia & Rene

  4. We are grateful to M. Tauchert for sharing the videos showing Pierre Colas in action in his amazing world. To lose his brilliant mind and to lose Marie is unfathomable, especially here in Nashville, where we personally have never locked our home doors in 35 years. We are so very sorry that such an unspeakably horrible act occurred. We pray for the awful hurt of the Colas family and friends. May God fill that well of loss with the light of the spirits of these two wonderfully gifted siblings.

  5. Stanley Guenter has written an article for Mesoweb’s Reports and News webpage recognizing Pierre as an authority on Maya epigraphy and ancient Maya culture whose death is great loss for the Mesoamericanist community. Guenter has included a select bibliography of Pierre’s work with the article here:

  6. While in Europe Pierre was instrumental in starting the European Association of Mayanists (Wayeb), and a touching memorial to Pierre with a series of 8 photos can be found on the website of this organization here:

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