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Pierre Colas

Pierre Colas

Metropolitan Nashville Police are investigating the shooting death on the evening of Aug. 26 of Vanderbilt University Assistant Professor of Anthropology Pierre Robert Colas and the wounding of his sister who was visiting from Switzerland. Marie Colas, 27, was taken to Vanderbilt Medical Center, where she is in critical but stable condition.

Police responded to a call of shots being fired at Colas’ East Nashville home at 9:20 p.m. Aug. 26. The motive for the shooting has not been established, but there were no signs of forced entry into the home, Nashville police said in a news release.

“We are profoundly shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of our colleague, Pierre,” Provost Richard McCarty said in an e-mail message to the campus. “Pierre was a talented young scholar who joined the Vanderbilt faculty in 2006. In his relatively brief time at Vanderbilt, he earned the respect of his colleagues and students, and his absence will be profoundly felt. He was a kind and gentle person and a devoted colleague, mentor and friend.”

Colas, 32, a German citizen, earned his Ph.D. at the University of Bonn and the University of Cologne in Germany. He studied Classic Maya culture, the ethnography of the Yucatec Maya of Belize, and was also involved in cave archaeology projects. While a student, he received two grants of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, a prestigious award that has been compared to the Fulbright Scholarship. He was the co-author of three books on the Maya and numerous articles.

University officials and members of the Vanderbilt Psychological and Counseling Center and the Office of Religious Life met with members of the Anthropology Department on the morning of Aug. 27. Any member of the Vanderbilt community seeking counseling is encouraged to contact the Vanderbilt Psychological and Counseling Center at (615) 322-2571.

Updates about memorial services will be posted on a university blog, Friends, colleagues and students are invited to post their remembrances and thoughts to the blog.

Police are asking anyone with information about the attack to contact East Precinct Investigations at (615) 862-7525 or Crime Stoppers at 74-CRIME.

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  1. Pierre was my adviser, my teacher, and my friend. I began working with him this summer on my honors thesis – he was absolutely brilliant, and was always enthusiastic about sharing what he knew. He was so excited to work with students, and he shared his entire library with me, including copies of inscriptions that it had taken him ten years to collect and all of the data he used for his dissertation. He was just incredibly generous and patient, and the best adviser I could ask for. He really is irreplaceable. I think all of his students would agree.

    I can’t believe he won’t be teaching class tomorrow, because that was what he was meant to do. I can’t believe I am speaking of him in the past tense.

    Pierre, I miss you so much. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of your family and your close friends – and especially to your sister Marie.

    I am so, so saddened by this.

  2. We share the sadness of the tragic loss of Pierre. Our thoughts and prayers surround Vanderbilt and his family and friends.

  3. Pierre was a fine colleague will be missed by all in Maya studies. We are all still in a state of shock and disbelief over this unspeakable tragedy.

    I first met Robbie (as many knew him) at the ruins of Palenque, Mexico in 1999, when one afternoon he helped me photograph the just unearthed hieroglyphic inscriptions of Temple XIX. We drove back to town together late that afternoon, sharing in the excitement of the new find and talking about his future research plans. I can well remember the deep impression he made on me at the time; it was wonderful to see him emerge in later years as such a fine teacher, scholar and good guy.

    Condolences and prayers go out to his family. Please get well, Marie.

  4. I only took one class with Pierre Colas, but he made a strong impression on me during that time as someone of remarkable character and a bouyant spirit. He always had a smile and a joke to share, even if we didn’t always understand him because he had switched an English and a German word. : ) Professor Colas was sincerely invested in his students and his work; you could tell he truly enjoyed teaching. I always felt valued as a person and a student because he was so compassionate and understanding with all of us. I will miss him tremendously.

  5. I am shocked and saddened by the death of Pierre. I hope his sister has a quick and total recovery. My thoughts are with Pierre’s family.

  6. After spending time with Pierre in Guatemala I came to realize what an amazing and talented person he was.

    I pray for those that loved him, and hope that his killer is brought to justice one way or another.

  7. What a sad day! Pierre Colas was not only a very talented scholar, but also a kind person. We will miss him a lot.

  8. RIP Pierre!!!

  9. I am there with you, Robyn. Pierre was my thesis adviser too, and although my research was completely different than his, he was excited to work with me. He always treated me as an equal. He shared his knowledge with an unlimited joy. He was supportive, understanding, and always, always brilliant. I could not have asked for a better mentor or teacher or friend.

    Wherever you have gone, Pierre, I hope that they speak Maya.

  10. Hi everyone!

    Please excuse me for expresing me in spanish. Conocí a Pierre durante unas prácticas en Holmul en 2007, cuando llegó a visitar a Katya, su novia, que estaba trabajando ahí. La relación con ellos dos fue excelente, y de Pierre me quedó la impresión de que era una muy buena persona, consecuente con las realidades de los mayas de hoy y muy abierto a nuevas ideas.

    Es una lástima que alguien así haya fallecido. No sé si Katya continuó siendo su pareja, pero igual mi más sentido pésame no solo a ella sino a toda la familia de Pierre, así como a sus conocidos, como Frauke y, especialmente, a Nikolai. Solo queda resignación para sus seres queridos y que se esclarezca pronto este lamentable crimen. Comparto la opinión de Musun-Miller, que ojalá que donde quiera que Pierre esté ahora, hablen maya y mejor si hay glifos. ¡Hasta siempre Pierre!

  11. Why?
    Why him and why now?
    This is so senseless!
    His life ended so abrupt while it was just starting. I hope that his killer will get what he deserves.

    I knew Pierre since our studies in Hamburg University and we spent a lot of time together, inside and outside the university and we became good friends. It was a great time and we had a lot of fun together.
    He finally made it and became what he always aimed for and what was his destination: a professor in Mayan studies.
    As a fellow student and friend he was a great person and there will be a big hole now.
    My thoughts are also with his father and brother and I hope that his sister will survive this unholy bloody deed.

    Pierre: I hope that you are now in a better world and meet those ancient mayans you loved so much!

  12. Shocked and very saddened by the loss of this bright and joyful young scientist. Thanks to the Vanderbilt colleagues for giving the opportunity to express my sentiments, those of an Andeanist who always enjoyed talking and laughing with Pierre.
    Herzliches Beileid seiner ganzen Familie und gute Wuensche fuer die Genesung seiner Schwester.

  13. What a sad story! I knew him from our joint undergraduate-years in Hamburg. As an ethnohistorian, I used to pull his leg with his apparent inability to read/remember Diego de Landa; while he critizied me for being ignorant with regard to hieroglyphs.

    Now these days are gone forever …

    Any news about his sister?

    • Geneviève Le Fort
    • Posted August 28, 2008 at 6:55 am
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    This is so shoking. I just can’t beleive we lost Pierre. All his friends in Europe are shocked and so sad. He was such a joyfull figure in our yearly European Maya Conferences.
    Où que tu sois, Pierre, tu nous manques déjà et comme dit Marcus,j’espère que tu as retrouvé là-bas ces anciens Mayas et que tu les fais bien rigoler!! Je t’embrasse et adresse toutes mes condoléances aux tiens.

  14. I am shocked by this sudden loss of such a gifted scholar, and outstanding person. He will be missed by all. My condolences go out to his family, friends, and colleagues.

  15. Beside every description of being such a good teacher and anthropoligist (which undoubtedly he was), he was a very appreciate friend and companion of university. My thoughts and good prayers are with you Pierre, where ever you may be, wehre ever we may meet again.
    I also send all my love to his father and especially to Marie – bitte werd wieder gesund! sei stark! Meine Liebe ist mit euch!

  16. This is such a shock … Robbie, I will miss you! First met Robbie in 1998, at the European Maya Conference in Hamburg. He was full of energy, humor, and dedicated his time to Maya studies. Many a hour was spent in talking about anything Maya that conference, and the years since at several of the European Maya meetings … and always a typical Robbie joke would pass by. Rest in peace, Robbie. My condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues.

  17. I have been trying to think of some way to express my sorrow and my regard for Pierre since yesterday morning, but I am finally accepting that there is simply no written message which could do justice to the enthusiastic, inspiring, perceptive, fun, kind man that was Pierre. Pierre, I will miss you and I will not forget you. Your death is huge loss to those who knew you and to those who had yet to know you.

  18. Its a shock to hear such news as this. Although I didn’t know Pierre very well, I had the pleasure to meet him. Pierre was one of the Tutors during an EMC workshop I took, and he had the ability of not only giving tha Classic Maya a voice, but also make them talk through their texts. My condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. And I want to wish his sister all the best for her recovery.

  19. Pierre,
    wenn Du mir jetzt zuhören könntest, dann würde ich Dir sagen, dass ich einfach nicht begreifen kann, was passiert ist, dass ich mich ohnmächtig fühle, unendlich traurig und wütend zugleich. Ich würde Dich an all die guten Momente erinnern, die wir hatten — und an all die schönen Zeiten, die noch gekommen wären. Die Sinnlosigkeit lähmt alles. Alle Deine Freunde in Bonn trauern — wir denken an Dich und wir bangen um Marie.
    Ich bin in Gedanken bei Deinem Vater, Deinem Bruder und bei Katja. Ich werd Dich nie vergessen.
    Deine Frauke

  20. Clint, Belize will never be the same without you and your humor. I’ll never forget the “Cabbage King” episode and all of your jokes and insights during my time there with you. Robbie was one of the purest and most humble people I ever met and I am still in awe of his knowledge and ability as a caver, archaeologist, and linguist. He truly showed me that you can do anything if you have a passion for it. We’ll miss you Clint Bean- condolences to your family and wishes for a speedy recovery to your sister.

  21. Pierre ich vermisse Dich. Weisst Du noch wie wir in Benque auf dem Karrussell gefahren sind? Und wie wir im Rio On geschwommen haben? Und dann haben wir mit Deinen Katzen in San Antonio gespielt. Te quiero mucho y no te voy a olvidar. Estoy llorando todo el tiempo.

  22. Viele gesellige Abende und Stunden in Bonn, einfach unvergesslich, und zuletzt in Vancouver vor wenigen Monaten … Du fandest zu jeder Situation das richtige Zitat, hier nun eines für Dich:

    Les morts sont des invisibles et non pas des absents (Saint Augustin) — Pierre forever!

    Marie, kämpfe und werde wieder gesund!

    Deinem Vater, Bruder und Katja wünsche ich endlose Kraft den Schmerz zu ertragen, meine Gedanken sind bei Euch.

  23. I am shocked. Pierre, I will always remember you and the times we spent in Bonn, in the institute and during the EMCs, the good talks and the fun we had.
    I was so eager to see you again in Paris, but I know you will be there, in our middle, in our hearts.
    My thoughts are with you, your father, brother, and Marie. I pray for a soon recover.

  24. As time passes, I have even more difficulty absorbing this unreal news. Robby comes more and more to mind, and my sadness increases by the day.

    Impassioned about his work, above all enchanted by the ancient Maya, Robby was not a person we could lose, so young, still marching to a far horizon.

    Those who worked at Piedras Negras will remember his enthusiasm, a deep seriousness about what he was doing, and his adroit hand with the cards!

    He will be greatly missed, always and forever. I hold him in the light.

  25. Oh Pierre, I just can’t grasp that I’ll never run into you again on this beautiful Vanderbilt campus. We arrived together here in 2006 coming from Germany, and I always enjoyed so much our regular chance meetings and long conversations about Germany and the scholarly possibilities over here. You had such a bright future!

    My thoughts go out to your family, Pierre, to Marie above all–I remember the lunch we had, Marie, please do get well!!

    Ich werde Dich sehr vermissen, Pierre.

  26. Pierre era una persona muy diferente de los demas. Le gustaba estar con toda la gente a compartir comidas y chistes. Por eso Pierre era muy apreciado en Belize. Toda la gente en el Cayo y en San Antonio habla con mucho respeto de Pierre. Para nosotros el era como miembro de nuestra familia. Malupa, Dona Tey y Lupita te piensan muchisimo. También tu familia en San Antonio, Don Gertrudis y Don Valentin. Todos te van a extranar. Ka xiik tech utzil ti tu behil.

  27. Era una flor en mi vida y la luz de mi alma (Uk’amampi Munataxa – Fernando Torrico)

  28. I first met Robby several years ago when I accompanied my husband to a European Mayanist Conference in Germany. Robby and his mom generously hosted us at their house. I remember him as being warm, enthusiastic and down-to-earth. I was happy to hear that he had obtained a job in the states and looked forward to meeting him again at one conference or another. It completely incomprehensible that that will not be.

  29. Pierres Tod ist ein Schock für alle die ihn kannten und mochten. Ein feiner Kerl, ein herausragender Student und offensichtlich ein beliebter, geradezu verehrter, Lehrer. Ein wahrer Freund. Mit seiner unerschöpflichen Energie und seinem Enthusiasmus stand er erst am Anfang einer grossen Laufbahn als Mayaforscher. Unvergesslich: Pierre mit seinen wirren Haaren und seiner grossen, immer prallgefüllten Ledertasche… Ich hoffe, dass er in Vanderbilt glücklich war. Meine Gedanken sind mit seiner Familie, die so viel durchleiden musste in den letzten Jahren, und vor allem mit Marie, der ich von Herzen eine schnelle Genesung wünsche. Was für eine tragische Nachricht…!

    Wir werden Dich nicht vergessen, Pierre…

  30. I have delayed coming to this site because I have been so saddened and depressed by the loss of Robby. We worked on several projects together but what I remember most is the warm, open person who was a joy to be around. In a world that seems to have less joy than ever, this loss is more keenly felt.

  31. Pierre used to bring candy to class EVERYDAY and would be very offended if you did not eat any. Even when you went to office hours he would offer you candy as soon as you hit the door.Lol. You could not help but love him. He was so boyish but an amazing teacher. This is amazingly sad. If you could only imagine the shock when I saw this on the news. With Professor Colas death or anyone else’s for that matter we should appreciate every moment we have with those whom we care about. P.S. You gave us a heck of a lot of readings. Lol. Rest in Peace=)

  32. I have been incredibly saddened by Pierre’s death. As others have expressed, it has taken me several days to be able to write something in this memorial page, and I have found myself returning again and again to read what others have written, to mourn with all of you, to find the words to express not only the sadness and outrage I feel at his untimely and violent death but also the joy I experience when contemplating his personality and his life, one lived with such passion and intensity.

    I had admired Pierre’s work from afar and had met him a few times, but it was only at the Maya Meetings in Austin this year that I had several extended conversations with him over meals at the Hyde Park Grill and Longhorn PoBoys. We talked about our research, and I recall Pierre speaking with excitement about the next book he wanted to write. We also talked about our experiences as new assistant professors, and I distinctly remember him speaking with great enthusiasm about his colleagues, his classes, and students. When I returned to California, I needed to find his email address. Back then, if you googled his name, one of the top search results was from, in which one comment was: “I LOVE Pierre. I think he’s probably my favorite professor at Vanderbilt. He’s very engaging. I keep taking classes I in no way need, just because he teaches them.” This student’s comment was both striking and amusing then, but it is even more moving now, and I am sorry for all his current students who have to begin the semester without him, and for those who won’t have the chance to be his student. I have been thinking, though, as I have looked at the pictures of Pierre climbing pyramids, swimming in caves, and joking with friends and colleagues, that we can all be students of his life.

    After our conversations in Austin, I remember thinking how happy I was to have connected with Pierre and how I looked forward to other opportunities to talk to him. I am sorry that we will not have these opportunities, but I feel that our conversations were an extraordinary gift, and therefore, in addition to the sadness and the outrage felt about his death, and the celebration and joy felt in contemplating his life, I feel much gratitude to have known him. I want to express my condolences to Pierre’s family, friends, and colleagues. And I sincerely wish for a speedy recovery for Marie Colas.

  33. Dearest Pierre,

    I cannot find words to express my sorrow at the way you left us. I will never forget you my friend. You were one of the most beautiful souls I was privileged to meet.

    Salucita hermano!

  34. Ta xe’aq’an k’u loq,
    Waral e nik’aj saq.
    Ju su k’u
    Xe’aq’an chi kaj.

    Jun k’u q’ij,
    Jun nay pu ik’ chike.

    Ta xsaqirik u pam kaj,
    U wach ulew.

    Chi kaj xek’oje’ wi.

    (‎Popol Vuh‎)‎

  35. Lieber Herr Colas und Familie,

    ich kann nichts besseres sagen, ausser zu dichten und Sie in Gedanken zu begleiten.

    In memoriam Pierre und Marie

    Es fällt schwer der Tod, zu glauben,
    Es fällt schwer ohne Not, zu verstehen,
    Es fällt schwer das Brot, zu teilen,
    Es fällt schwer das Lot, zu halten,

    ohne Euch!


    • Estefanía Pampín
    • Posted August 31, 2008 at 4:45 pm
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    Dear family, colleagues and friends of Pierre Colas and Marie Colas.
    We are deeply shocked by the news of the brutal death of Pierre and Marie Colas. We hoped deeply that Marie would recovered, but we just read the bad, sad news. We have met him once in the Netherlands, when he was giving a lecture on a seminar.
    The enthousiasm he had for his work is and will always be very inspiring.
    You are in our thoughts,

    Marten Jesse & Estefanía

  36. Imagining the anthropology department without Professor Colas seems impossible. He so quickly became part of the family and thinking about Vanderbilt without him is heart-breaking.

    I think Anna said it best– Wherever you are,Pierre, I hope they speak Maya.

    • Yuriy Polyukhovych
    • Posted September 1, 2008 at 6:12 am
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    It is terrible. None of the word can express that pain and loss that have his family and friends.
    I knew Pierre since my first visit to Bonn in 2000. We became good friends since that time.
    This was Austin airport just one day by the ending of TMM of 2008. I had 2 hours before my departure and I spent almost an hour talking with Pierre. I remember that moment as if it was today. We were discussing some epigraphic ideas, politics and some future plans……
    In spite of it he is always in our hearts!!!

    • Annette Schubart
    • Posted September 1, 2008 at 6:46 am
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    Lieber Pierre;
    vor vier Tagen habe ich von diesem unbegreiflichen und völlig unsinnigen Ereignis gehört, seit vier Tagen verweile ich in meiner Erinnerung an unsere gemeinsame Studienzeit.
    Ich werde niemals unsere erste Begegnung vergessen: beim Erstsemesterfrühstück in Ortwins Büro. Wir waren ja nur eine Handvoll Studenten und ich hatte noch nicht viel Ahnung von den Mayas. Und da schnapptest Du Dir ein Buch aus dem Regal, schautest es Dir an und sagtest “Ach, der Thompson”. Ich weiß noch, wie sehr mich dieser lapidar hingeworfene Kommentar beeindruckte, denn offensichtlich kanntest Du Dich schon reichlich aus – und wahrscheinlich spiegelte dieser eine Kommentar Deine Lebensphilosophie wieder. Deinen Enthusiasmus für alles, was irgendwie mit den Maya zusammenhing, Deinen Lerneifer, Deine Wünsche, auf diesem Gebiet Fuß zu fassen, mehr darüber zu lernen; und andere an Deinem Wissen teilhaben zu lassen. Ständig fallen mir jetzt gemeinsame Momente mit Dir ein. Als wir Dich noch im ersten Semester an Deinem Geburtstag zu Hause überraschten (und Du Dich so sehr darüber freutest), das Treffen in Palenque 1999, diverse Begegnungen bei Symposien, Tagungen, Workshops.
    Und ich denke, es waren viel zu wenige Gelegenheiten, wir hätten uns öfter treffen sollen, ich hätte mich häufiger melden müssen. Ich kann es einfach nicht fassen, nicht begreifen, dass jetzt keine Gelegenheit mehr dazu ist. Du stehst in meinem Adressbuch, klebst in meinen Photoalben, bist mit etlichen Mails in meinem Computer gespeichert, hast bleibende Eindrücke in meinen Erinnerungen hinterlassen – und genau da wirst Du auch weiterhin und immer sein. Unvergesslich. Für mich und so viele andere.

    Und nun auch noch Marie. Seit Tagen habe ich stündlich im Internet nach Neuigkeiten gesucht, gebangt und gehofft. Das alles ist so unfassbar. Ich bin ich Gedanken bei Deinem Vater und Deinem Bruder. Wenn man doch nur helfen könnte!

  37. Pierre:
    Thank you… I never said that to you before. I express my heartfelt gratitude for strenghtening my fascination with the Maya by observing your fasciation and by your way to impart thinking and knowledge. I thank you for taking me by your hand from time to time at the beginnings of my studies and for making the wonderful world of the Maya more accessible to me.
    Rest in peace, Pierre Robert and Marie.
    Your father and brother and Katja I send a lot of strength, life goes on.

  38. I met Pierre in 2000 in Hamburg shortly after he had finished his master’s thesis. He was giving his first course on Classic Maya Iconography. Although he had decided to work on his dissertation in Bonn, we always felt that he remained to be one of us and all his subsequent courses were very well attended. He was kind of a legend in Hamburg: One of the first to publish a paper, one of the fastest to finish his studies, the guy who really managed to get a job in what he studied. We were especially impressed how he managed to get funding for his work, especially here in Germany, where cultural sciences are not very well accepted. Observing the development of his career left me speechless and, I have to admit, a little envious as well. In short, Pierre was a symbol of hope for all of us, an example for what you can achieve despite the worst circumstances. That’s another reason we will miss him so much.
    After having heard about his death a few days ago I still do not know what to think. Although his life was so short I feel that he achieve what had always he wanted. Due to his dedication his few years were filled with so much success and joy other people would not even experience in a whole lifetime and he left us with a number of remarkable publications. Even now we are working on another volume featuring one of his articles. I remember that he once told me how much he liked to see his books in a library and that he enjoyed the idea that even decades after his death people could still refer to his works through his publications. Let’s hope that more of his recent works will be published to let the world know about his entire work and to keep his memory alive.

  39. Sehr geehrte Familie Colas,
    Meine Frau und ich hatten das Glueck Ihren Sohn seit mehreren Jahren zu kennen. Oft hatten wir die Moeglichkeit mit Pierre ueber die Mayas, Inschriften, Mexiko, Guatemala, Gott und die Welt zu sprechen. Wir werden ihn bei allen Treffen der Mayanisten sehr vermissen. In diesem Moment der Trauer faellt es schwer Worte zu finden die Trost oder zumindest Linderung bringen sollen. Im Anblick dieser Barbarei, die aus einer lange vergessenen urzeitlichen Vergangenheit zu kommen scheint, kann ich nur mein Entsaetzen verkuenden. Gerade in dieser Zeit, in der gebildete Menschen wie Pierre so kostbar sind, ist sein Verlust so unertraeglich. Andererseits darf man nicht vergessen, dass Pierre das machte was ihm am meisten gefiel, die Maya und ihre Kultur zu erforschen. Ich bin mir sicher dass viele seine junge akademische Laufbahn bestaunten. Viel stand ihm noch bevor, viel hatte er jedoch schon erreicht. Ein mexikanisches Sprichwort sagt: “al fin y cabo que para morir nacimos” “zum sterben werden wir geboren”. Dieser rauhe aber sehr wahre Satz und Pierres Schicksal sollen uns ein Mahnmal sein, genau wir Pierre es immer tat, unentwegt unsere Zeit zu nutzen und unser Bestes zu geben. Wo immer sich Pierre nun befindet bin ich mir sicher, dass er die Maya weiterhin erfroscht, jetzt mit unglaublichen Informanten.
    Unser tiefes Beileid fuer das tragische Ableben Ihrer Tochter und Ihres Sohnes.
    Elizabeth Gomes und Raphael Tunesi

    • Inge G. Pedersen
    • Posted September 3, 2008 at 7:19 am
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    This is such tragic news, and I feel deeply saddened.
    I had looked forward to yet another inspiring presentation by Pierre Colas at this year´s Maya Conference in Paris. He will be deeply missed.
    My thoughts and prayers go to Pierre´s family and friends.

  40. Vor einem Jahr hat eine betroffene Gemeinde Pierre und seine Schwester Marie in Aumühle bei Hamburg (Germany) zu Grabe getragen.
    Die Erinnerung an Pierre und Marie die in vielfacher Weise das Leben derer prägten, die sie kennenlernen durften, wenn auch nur kurz, hat noch nichts vom Schmerz verloren.
    Hoffen wir, dass es Beiden da, wo immer sie sein mögen, wohl ergeht. In unserer Erinnerung bleiben sie als überaus liebenwürdige Menschen, die sich der in den Posts dokumentierten Beliebtheit zu Recht erfreuten.
    Uns bleibt nichts als mit dem Verlust zu leben! Dazu allen, die um Pierre und Marie trauern, Kraft und Hoffnung, vor allem der Familie Colas und Katja.

    Katjas Eltern
    Kurt und Gisela Stengert

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